• Deck Maintenance in Sydney and Newcastle

    Our expert services are provided for all outdoor timber structures both residential and commercial properties.

    • Private homes
    • Hotels
    • Resorts
    • Outdoor cafes/restaurants
    • Body corporate
    • Board walks
    • Play equipment
    • Pool decks
    • Walk ways

    As expert deck builders, we’re able to design and construct decks that are built to last (and look fantastic) for decades to come.

    Foxy’s can offer either a once-off service to protect new or rejuvenate old timber structures, for deck renewal in Sydney and Newcastle. We can also provide an ongoing maintenance program ensuring the long term protection and preservation of your valuable timber & hardwood decking asset for years to come. Where possible, Foxy’s only use products that have been proven to outlast other oils and conventional products on the market by up to 5 times.

    • Decks
    • Jetties
    • Pergolas
    • Stairs
    • Hand rails
    • Privacy screens
    • Gates
    • Furniture
    • Fences
    • Cleaning
    • Coating
    • Sanding
    • Minor repairs
    • Maintenance programs
    • Expert advice

    Foxy’s has the complete process, understanding and experience on how to professionally protect and maintain exterior timber in all four categories: new hardwood, old hardwood, new softwood and old softwood, including merbau decking and water resistant finishes for pool decking. Our cleaning and preparation process is completed by using an industrial pressure washer and scrubbing machine. This ensures a superior coating finish that protects new timber from day one and rejuvenates older timber to its former glory. We will also arrange old timber surfaces to be sanded first if required, although sanding is not usually a necessity.

    The inexperienced use of pressure cleaners can tear timber fibres while insufficient cleaning and preparation can leave behind unsightly stains and blotchiness. Finally this can lead to an accelerated deterioration of the coating product, leaving a less than acceptable finish. Our expert deck restoration in Sydney and Newcastle avoids these pitfalls, leaving you with the perfect deck you had upon installation.

    Where possible, new timber should be protected immediately or as soon as possible from the elements once construction has been completed. Our harsh Australian conditions can cause timber to warp, cup and splinter, making protection imperative to minimise these problems with our professional deck services in Newcastle and Sydney. This will also help preserve both the natural colour and integrity of the timber.

    There are many theories as to whether new timber should be coated for protection immediately or left to weather for 3 to 6 month. Weathering totally depends on what product you are using and the directions specified by the manufacturer. New hardwood is full of natural oil called tannin. Some of this tannin needs to leach out so products are able to penetrate the surface. If the leaching process is not allowed to occur, products can cure on top of the surface without penetrating and absorbing deep into the timber fibres. Products can then crack, peel or blister meaning the added expense and difficulties associated with sanding. New Softwood does not contain tannin (natural oil) so it does not have these same issues or the need for weathering. For Sydney and Newcastle deck renewals, the local conditions, including our large amount of sunshine hours, occasional bouts of humidity, and possible sea spray need to be taken into account.

    In addition to our deck services, we also offer pergola maintenance in Sydney. This service ensures your pergola looks its absolute best and will stand for many years to come.

    To gain a quote for Newcastle deck renewal, deck services in Sydney, or any of our other professional services call us today.