• Pergola Maintenance in Sydney by Foxy’s Outdoor

    Has your pergola lost its warmth and sheen? Is it looking a little patchy and dry? Can you feel a change in texture underfoot? If so, it might be time for a little pergola maintenance by Foxy’s. It’s important not to confuse low maintenance with no maintenance; even if you built your pergola with the intention of not having to spend time working on it, it’s eventually going to need a bit of TLC.

    We’ve been providing pergola maintenance in Sydney for over six years, and have many more years of combined experience. You can rely on us to work out just the right treatments, processes and maintenance plans to get your deck and pergola looking practically brand new again. Foxy’s has already helped dozens of clients to get great results with our rejuvenation and maintenance services. We understand that not everyone has the time to give their pergola the love and attention it needs, which is why we offer a service that covers the following key tasks:

    • cleaning
    • coating
    • sanding
    • staining
    • minor repairs
    • oiling
    • painting
    • restoration
    • refinishing
    • drainage gaps
    • plank replacement
    • connector replacement
    • surface protection – pot plants, outdoor furniture etc

    We can provide anything your pergola may require.

    Our extensive knowledge of outdoor wood care means we can also advise you on what you can do in between maintenance visits to keep your deck looking great.

    For more information or to get your free maintenance quote, contact us today.