• About Us

    Outdoor wood care can be such a mystery. Foxy’s research found people were confused and at times overwhelmed when it came to initial protection and ongoing maintenance. Consumers usually chose to use products they knew, as against finding out what products would best protect their timber and make ongoing maintenance both minimal and simple.

    The back ground of Foxy’s Outdoor Rejuvenation Services combines over 10 years experience specialising in the rejuvenation of timber decks, jetties, pergolas, hand rails, etc, both commercial and residential, as well as in depth product knowledge from working in manufacturing and the testing aspects of wood care products.

    Foxy’s understands Australia is a country where harsh extremes are not uncommon in our weather patterns. These extremes unceremoniously punish all timber exposed to the outdoor elements. In NSW our weather can have extreme climate variances, from tropical heat and harsh sun, to cold and wet icy conditions. Coastal environments and areas closer to water also have sand and salt deposits as added contaminants in the atmosphere. Strong winds are also a factor in any conditions or temperature.

    With all these extreme elements playing a major factor, timber needs continual maintenance and protection. If neglected, timber will continue to deteriorate over time by cracking, rotting and eventually creating one very large and unnecessary expense to replace. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is just as important when protecting timber to understand both the various timber species that are used, as well as the dozens of wood care products used for coating timber on the Australian market.

    Over the years, Foxy’s has developed processes and uses products that have been proven to outlast other products on the Australian market by up to 5 times. By using our services you are guaranteed quality results, it also gives you back valuable time to spend with family and friends. At times jobs can be completed in just one day. That’s cleaned and coated ready for you to walk on and entertain the following day!

    On completion of our work, we can advise you on how to look after the maintenance yourself, or incorporate you into Foxy’s maintenance plan so you never have to worry again.

    Foxy’s Outdoor Rejuvenation Services is highly qualified and skilled in understanding what products as well as processes are required to both protect and restore your timber. Whether new or years old we can transform your timber into an appealing fresh new look

    In summary you can be assured, with over 10 years experience in all aspects of outdoor wood care, we are committed to delivering the end result you are looking for. Our work is GUARANTEED as we pride ourselves in all our workmanship